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Keke Coming to Osaka !

ベリーダンスショー, Keke

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Keke Osaka Show & Student recital

Jannah presents,
Bellydance Show
Dreams of the Orient


14:30 Open 15:00 Student recital starts 17:00 Show starts


THE LIVE HOUSE soma (5min from Subway Nagahoribashi station) Tel: 06‐6212‐2253


Keke, Sahar, Kaori, Leilaa Hiromi, Teiko, Jannah, IL Sey, Lei, Eliane Neves, Rumiko, Layali Safa, Lulu Al Sama

Satoshi Makise, Yoshiki Kato

& More

Keke Keke
Keke is from Greek-Egyptian heritage and has been involved in Oriental Dance for about 17 years. Her first teacher being Nayima ( 7 years ) and then she moved to Kyoto, Japan where she studied with a range of international master teachers. Her dance career flourished as she started teaching, performing regularly in theatre productions and private functions and was also travelling to Cairo annually for training and for experience. She has performed in many cities of Japan, ( Seoul ) South Korea, Cairo and Australia, produced and choreographed for her semi-professional and professional dance troupe. She Produced, Co-produced and was Creative Director in many of her shows, sponsoring international guest performers. After 8 years in Japan, Keke moved back to Australia where she is continuing her journey and sharing her knowledge and experience with her hometown of Adelaide. Keke continues to teach, perform and produce shows in Australia. She auditions, Choreographs and forms special performance groups for her shows.


In Advance

SS 6,500yen
S 6,000yen
A 5,000yen
B 4,000yen
1drink included

On the door

500yen up
For Booking

Dreams of the Orient Office

Keke Workshops

WS1: Shaabi (Beginners level)

21/Sep (Sat) from 13:30 to 15:50
Keke will teach a modern, fun, funky short choreography using a series of combinations. Learn and enjoy the mix of modern Egyptian / jazz technique with Shaabi street style attitude, and much more.
( Please note that students undertaking this workshop have a chance to perform this in the Sunday students recital )

WS2: Vital elements of Bellydance -Modern Egyptian pop- (Elementary to Advanced level)

23/Sep (Mon, holiday) from11:30 to 14:00
In learning this song/ choreography Keke will also focus on some vital elements of Bellydance which can transform the way you dance ie. Travelling, pivoting, turns, essentially the power of understanding and using weight transfer. Keke will also incorporate some detailed footwork ( key part of Keke’s signature style ) which will create interesting hip work movements/ lines.

WS3: Nubian pop (Beginner to Elementary level)

23/Sep (Mon, holiday) from14:30 to 16:30
In this workshop Keke will teach combinations which can be put together as a choreography incorporating the Nubian folkloric style of Aswan in Southern Egypt combined with Egyptian Oriental and a hint of Reda technique.
This Nubian pop song is hypnotic and infectious and Nubian style lends itself best performed as a group so Keke will introduce and get you to practice some group formations and patterns.

Workshop price

By 31/Aug
WS1: 5,000yen
WS2: 6,000yen
WS3: 5,000yen

After 1/Sep
WS1: 5,500yen
WS2: 6,500yen
WS3: 5,500yen

Keke Pack (all workshops + show ticket by 31/Aug )
SS 22,000yen
S 21,500yen
A 20,500yen

Workshop place

Studio Gymmie (A studio)
(3min from Subway Nakatsu station)
TEL 06-6372-6928

For Booking

Dreams of the Orient Office

Students recital

We will hold students recital on the same day before the show. Any dance OK but the song should be less than about 5min per one group.

To dance at students recital, a student has to pay 2,000yen and buy one show ticket (SS 6,500yen, S 6,000yen, A 5,000yen, sorry no B seats). So the students can enjoy professional show after they danced.

Studnts who undertake WS1 can perform the combination at the students recital. And they don't have to pay 2,000yen to perform.

Please ask Jannah (Chie) for any question.